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Random Photography Info

They call me Daylon.

I'm a local Dallas photographer with underexposed talent - (Ha! photographer humor) - hoping to introduce the world to the beauty I see through my lens. I got my start in photography quite by accident, picking up some of my father's old equipment that he had left me after passing away several years ago. Just for fun I decided to go buy some film and see if I could take some pictures at a local duck pond. The pictures came out much better than I had expected and, after that, I was hooked and began to learn everything I can about this art. After snapping a few black and whites at an upscale party some time later, the host of the party remarked that he liked my shots better than the professional photographer he had hired and that I should see if I can do this for a living. Well, I worked hard at my craft and after a few years of dedicated work finally felt I was good enough to start charging for it, so here we are.

Feel free to check out my Main page slideshow for some samples of my work, and if you are inspired, please drop me a line. If you like my eye and want to discuss having me shoot an event, portfolio portraits, artsy shots, promotional work or anything else your heart desires- please email me at

Also, if you are an aspiring model / actor / performer and are willing to do time for print work, I am always looking to augment my portfolio, so if you have an interesting idea for a shoot you want to do, let's talk and see if we can make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.